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Our Mission at Blue Willo is to make children as passionate about eating our food as we are about

making it. In our mind turning a previously picky eater into a food enthusiast with a healthy palette

is music to our ears. We believe that this mission can only be carried out successfully through the

following ideals:

• Good food starts with good ingredients!

• We believe food should come from kitchens not factories

• A meal is the sum of its parts

• Healthy bodies enable healthy minds

The Philosophy Blue Willo empowers kids and parents. Our menu runs the gamut from healthy "kid favorites" to sophisticated culinary creations. Every day, we offer a menu in order to delight diverse palates, dietary restrictions and preferences. When children and parents are able to select an entrée together, kids learn the importance of their food choices and that nutrition matters.

At lunchtime, kids are encouraged to make their own choices on fruits and vegetables. We strive to offer seasonally available local and organic produce. By allowing kids to choose from our salad bar of fresh-cut fruits, vegetables, the importance of fresh, natural food is reinforced. And through providing kids opportunities to see and taste new foods we expand their food horizons.

After your children's lunches are ordered, all they have to do is go to the lunch counter and identify themselves to the parent/employee on the other side. This parent/employee will have a list with the student's name for that day. Once they receive the entree, they will go through the rest of the counter picking their choice of bottled water or low fat milk then proceed to the salad bar. We feel that if left up to the child they are more likely to not only choose fresh fruit and salad but also eat it then if we were to force it on the plate.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, nutritious lunches at a reasonable cost to the families we serve. We are thrilled to be the lunch service of choice for your school and look forward to being the right choice for your children's lunch on a daily basis.  

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